Baby Mold

Baby Mold is a mold fit for only BabyPlast Machine which is Italy plastic injection machine brand, since the machine requested standard components for Baby Mold, so we may pre-produce some standard components in advance to save some time. The size of mold is quite small, that why we call it Baby Mold, it is perfectly applying for sampling with real material and/or smaller quantity production in a short period of time.

The lead time of Baby Mold is about 1~2 weeks, depending on how complex structure of the product. Baby Mold can be injected 3000 pcs samples  from Aluminium Baby Mold or up to 300K pcs products from normal steel mold, mainly propose for marketing, engineering function checking, quality testing and production for low investment project, Since it is normal injection process, so we may apply any kind of material for products accordingly customer requirement, it becomes a great advantage for engineer evaluation and marketing promotion instead of using 3D printing prototype sampling.